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The EcoFlow Home Solar System introduces a pioneering plug-and-play solar solution, combining solar panels and a microinverter. Designed for effortless home power, it helps you save on energy bills with easy installation. The power station component is optional, making it a more adaptable solution. Ensure a constant energy supply day and night, whether you're at home or on the move.

Best Solar System for
Your Home

1kWh Storage Kit

PowerStream with DELTA 2

PowerStream Microinverter
EcoFlow DELTA 2 (1kWh)

R 20,999

R 23,497

2kWh Storage Kit

PowerStream with DELTA 2 Max

PowerStream Microinverter
EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max (2kWh)

R 27,999

R 31,497

3kWh Storage

PowerStream with DELTA Pro

PowerStream Microinverter
EcoFlow DELTA Pro (3.6kWh)

R 44,998

R 64,998

for Your

PowerStream Microinverter

R 4,999

1kWh Storage Kit

PowerStream Microinverter
EcoFlow DELTA 2 (1kWh)
2 × 400W Rigid Solar Panels

R 30,999

R 34,496

2kWh Storage Kit

PowerStream Microinverter
EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max (2kWh)
2 × 400W Rigid Solar Panels

R 38,999

R 42,496

for Your

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How Does a Home Solar Power System Work?


Use and save every ray of sunshine

Harvest sunlight with our plug-and-play home solar system. Convert solar energy into electricity for sustainable power anywhere.


Electricity goes directly from the balcony to the socket

Directly power your home. A seamless flow from the solar system to your socket ensures clean, renewable energy.


Reduce electricity costs

Cut electricity bills by using home-generated power. Depend less on the grid and witness savings. One user, Werner from Johannesburg, saved R447 on his electricity bill in just a month and a half.

Why Choose an EcoFlow Home Solar System?

Power Your Home, Cut Your Bills

The system stores excess energy in a portable power station during the day, delivering it back whenever you need.With up to 1039kWh feeding into your home per year, you can save a maximum sum of WithR2,888.

Fast Installation, No Professional Needed

Installing and maintaining the solar system can be done on a do-it-yourself basis.

Power Through the Night

When your electricity demand starts peaking in the evening, your home draws energy from the portable power station and keeps saving, helping you to be less reliant on the grid.

Back-Up Your Home During Load-shedding

When an outage hits, keep your essential and energy-hogging appliances up and running.

Hear from Our Users

The system was quite fluid, app integration was easy and I did notice my meter slow down noticeably!

Johnson H

All working as expected, highly recommended!

Werner K

It’s probably one of the best devices out there in my opinion.

Michael S


How much does a home solar system cost in South Africa?

The home solar system cost in South Africa can vary, with basic small solar systems for home usage starting from a few thousand Rand. More extensive setups can increase in price accordingly.

How do you install a solar system at home?

Installing a solar system for a home involves site assessment and selecting the appropriate solar home lighting system or solar panel system for the home, followed by professional installation, which includes panel mounting, electrical connections, and system optimization.

How many solar panels are needed to run a house?

The number of solar panels needed to run a house varies based on energy usage and sunlight exposure. An average home may require approximately 10-20 panels for an efficient home solar power system.

Which home solar system is the best in South Africa?

The best home solar system in South Africa depends on individual needs and budgets. EcoFlow stands out as a reliable brand for home solar systems. Known for their efficiency and durability, EcoFlow offers solutions that cater to a range of needs, from small solar systems for homes to more robust setups.

Is a home solar system worth investing in?

Absolutely, investing in a home solar system in South Africa is a wise decision. It's not only cost-effective in the long run but also environmentally friendly. The initial solar system for home price is balanced by significant savings in electricity costs and potential government incentives, making it an attractive investment for a sustainable future.

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