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Inverter Generators

Inverter Generators Inverter Generators
Inverter Generators

EcoFlow's DELTA hybrid inverter generators excel over traditional gas and propane models, offering superior fuel efficiency and performance. These units combine LFP battery storage with advanced gasoline and propane technology, allowing operation on both fuels with over 10 years of battery life. They feature rapid DC-to-DC charging, up to seven charging options, including solar and AC electricity, and 18 multi-charging capabilities. Designed for indoor & outdoor use, the DELTA series is exceptionally quiet, around 30 decibels, and emits no harmful fumes.

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Regular price R 20,999.00 ZAR
Sale price R 20,999.00 ZAR
Regular price R 20,999.00
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• Dual Fuel: gasoline and LPG• 20kWh capacity with standard LPG tank for worry-free backup power• Save 40% of fuel by connecting to DELTA series and Power Kits• Remotely control and real-time moni...
Regular price R 64,999.00 ZAR
Sale price R 64,999.00 ZAR
Regular price R 80,998.00
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  EcoFlow DELTA Pro The portable home battery - DELTA Pro supports a 3.6kWh capacity that can be expanded all the way to 25kWh. The kicker? You can integrate it directly with your home circuits via...
Save R 15,999
Regular price R 15,999.00 ZAR
Sale price R 15,999.00 ZAR
Regular price R 15,999.00
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• Integrates with DELTA Pro/Max • Efficiency First • Charge & Power • Smart, Really Smart Please NOTE: Smart Generator requires DELTA Pro to Smart Generator Adapter to work with DELTA Pro or D...
Regular price R 59,999.00 ZAR
Sale price R 59,999.00 ZAR
Regular price R 75,998.00
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This portable power station is equipped with International standard plugs. Adapters will be sent together with the product. Please NOTE: Smart Generator requires DELTA Pro to Smart Generator Adapt...
Save R 15,999
2kWh Capacity
2400W Output
Regular price R 25,999.00 ZAR
Sale price R 25,999.00 ZAR
Regular price R 25,999.00
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Note: The PowerStream is equipped with European Plugs. Adapters will be needed to use the product. • Expandable capacity - 2-6kWh expandable capacity to fit your energy storage needs. Add up to tw...
Save up to R 12,698
3.6kWh~25kWh Capacity
3600W Output
Regular price R 49,999.00 ZAR
Sale price R 49,999.00 ZAR
Regular price R 59,999.00
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This portable power station is equipped with International standard plugs. Adapters will be needed to use the product. • First portable home battery designed for home backup • 3.6-25kWh expand...
Save up to R 10,999

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does an Inverter Generator Work?

Unlike regular gas or propane generators, inverter generators convert “dirty” AC electricity to direct current (DC) and back to AC again for consumption. The inversion process conditions the power, making it much “cleaner” and suitable for sensitive electronics. Traditional fossil fuel generators only run at full speed. Inverter generators throttle up and down based on electricity consumption for optimal efficiency and reduced fuel costs. Hybrid inverter generator systems like EcoFlow DELTA Pro 3 can run on gas or propane and up to 6 other charging methods. EcoFlow’s DELTA generators are safe for indoor use and offer many additional benefits.

Is an Inverter Generator Better Than a Regular Generator?

Inverter generators offer two primary advantages over regular gas and propane generators. “Cleaner” power for sensitive electronics and better fuel efficiency. However, traditional inverter generators have many limitations. Because they rely entirely on burning fossil fuels, indoor operation is prohibited. As well as ongoing fuel and maintenance costs, traditional inverter generators are noisy and emit deadly Carbon Monoxide and particulate pollution. Hybrid inverter generators like EcoFlow DELTA Pro 3 + Smart Generator 4000 (Dual Fuel) provide all the energy security and efficiency of traditional inverter generators plus up to 7 additional charging options. Once EcoFlow DELTA is charged, you can use it anywhere in your home.

How to Choose Between an Inverter Generator and a Power Station?

Why choose between a traditional inverter generator and a power station when you can have the best of both worlds? EcoFlow’s DELTA series hybrid inverter generator systems offer up to 7 charging options, including lighting-fast DC-to-DC charging with gas or propane-fueled Smart Generators — including EcoFlow Smart Generator 4000, the leading inverter generator available. Why limit yourself to fossil fuels? You can also connect solar panels, household AC power, or a Smart Home Panel for the ultimate in energy security, monitoring, and control.

Is an Inverter Generator Worth It?

Inverter generators have a higher price tag than outdated gasoline and propane (LPG) generators, but your higher upfront costs will pay off in the long term. Traditional gas generators only have one speed — full blast. Even if you only connect a single power tool or appliance, you’ll empty your tank as quickly as you would at maximum wattage. Plus, the dirty AC power that traditional fossil fuel generators produce can fry your sensitive electronics. Inverter generators throttle up or down based on electricity consumption to save on fuel and are safe for even the most sensitive devices. Better yet, combine EcoFlow’s DELTA series portable power station designed for indoor use with a propane/gas-fueled Smart Generator for a dual-fuel hybrid inverter generator with up to 7 charging options.

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