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EcoFlow’s Life-Saving Energy-Solutions is Making an Impact in South Africa

According to Eskom, by the end of Oct 5, an average household in South Africa has experienced 459 hours of load shedding this year, which is more than the last eight years combined. This has significantly impacted the local residents, especially those with diseases. The Moerat family, whose son requires a CPAP machine for respiratory assistance, has been plagued by the extended blackouts and contacted EcoFlow for help in early October. Understanding the situation, EcoFlow quickly reacted and delivered the Moerat family a DELTA Max Portable Power Station, which has the capacity to sustain a CPAP machine for more than a day. As a result, the Moerat family is now living with peace of mind knowing that there’s always a backup power source for their son’s life support machine.   

Humans are not the only ones affected by load shedding though. Feeding the Furballs, a non-profit organization that provides rescue animals and rescue organizations with food and supplies, has also felt the impact of ongoing load shedding. Due to frequent outages, the blind and deaf cats at the organization were without lighting, which caused many of them significant distress. What’s worse, the medications and vaccinations at the organization require constant refrigeration, and therefore power could mean life or death to the ailed animals. Struggling to keep their animals safe, Feeding the Furballs reached out to EcoFlow and explained their situation. In response, EcoFlow donated to the organization two RIVER Pro Portable Power Stations, which have kept both the animals and medication safe. 

Since our establishment in 2017, we have insisted on the need to incorporate humanistic values into technology. We believe that with the right intentions to promote the general well-being of humans and all creatures can technology and business achieve the greatest value and make life truly better.

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