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EcoFlow DELTA 1300 Solar Generator (PV160W)
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EcoFlow DELTA 1300 Solar Generator (PV160W)

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This portable power station is equipped with International standard plugs. Adapters will be needed to use the product.

EcoFlow DELTA Power Station represents the new standard of battery-powered generators. Compatible with a wide range of devices, you can stay powered for hours whenever and wherever. 

The World’s Fastest Charging Power Station Charges at 2 to 3 times the speed of most portable power stations in the market. 0—80% in under one hour.

Power Almost Anything DELTA’s large inverter load can even support heavy-duty DIY tools up to 1800W (3300W Surge, Pure Sine Wave). That makes it the best portable power station at this size for output.

      Power 11 Devices At Once All the ports you’d ever need for your gear. Power up to 11 devices all at the same time via AC, DC or USB outlets. Ideal as a battery generator for blackouts.

      Fast Solar Panel Recharging The DELTA can be fully recharged from three EF 160W Solar Panels in 3-7 hours, depending on sunlight conditions. An MC4 to XT60 Solar Cable is included.

      Intelligent Solar Power The EcoFlow 160W Solar Panel is designed to produce maximum power at any time of the day when paired with an EcoFlow power station. The solar panel has a high conversion efficiency of 21-22%, and the EcoFlow MPPT power station algorithm delivers improved performance in cold and cloudy environments within the operation range.

      Number of Solar Panel
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      The world's fastest charging portable power stations

      EcoFlow have the world's fastest charging power stations. DELTA charges from 0-80% in under an hour, giving you a quick boost of power even during the worst situations.

      So Much More Sun

      Premium monocrystalline silicon cells provide a high conversion efficiency of 21-22%. Recharge even faster by chaining multiple panels in a series or in parallel.

      Better Together

      Recharge freely and naturally when you link EcoFlow's 160W Solar Panel to a DELTA portable power station.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      DELTA can be recharged to 0%~80% in 1 hour, and be fully recharged within 1.6 hours.
      Yes. During this situation, DELTA will prioritise AC charging, and default to DC charging when AC charging is not used.
      DELTA supports an entry-level UPS function. We recommended testing your devices case-by-case.
      DELTA can power essential devices whether you're at home or outdoors. Devices include lights, microwave ovens, fridges, hairdyers, laptops, phones, electric frying pans, and more.
      DELTA does not support EcoFlow App.
      Increase the efficiency of your solar panel by facing it directly at the sun without any obstructions. Remember to be careful when handling your solar panel because damaged cells provide less power.
      Yes, if the only thing between it and the sun is transparent, but it won't charge as well compared to being outside. You can compare the difference by looking at the input section of your power station's LCD screen.

      What's in the bundle

      1. EcoFlow DELTA 2. DELTA Bag 3. Solar Panel Charging Cable 4. 1.5m AC Charging Cable 5. 1.5m Car Charging Cable 6. User Manual of DELTA 7. 160W Solar Panel 8. 160W Solar Panel Bag 9. User Manual of 160W Solar Panel


      Net Weight

      30.9lbs (14kg)


      15.7 x 8.3 x 10.6 in (40 x 21 x 27 cm)

      Charge Temperature

      32 to 113°F (0 to 45°C)

      Discharge Temperature

      -4 to 113°F (-20 to 45°C)


      24 months

      Charge Method

      AC Wall Outlet, 12V Car Adaptor, Solar Panel

      Full Recharge Time

      1.6 Hours (AC) 13.5 Hours (12V Car Charger)
      10.5-21 Hours (Using 1x 160W Solar Panel)
      5-10 Hours (Using 2x 160W Solar Panels)
      3.5-7 Hours (Using 3x 160W Solar Panels)


      1260Wh (50.4V)

      Cell Chemistry


      Life Span

      800 Cycles to 80%+ capacity

      Management Systems

      BMS, Over Voltage Protection, Overload Protection, Over Temperature Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Low Temperature Protection, Low Voltage Protection, Overcurrent Protection.

      Testing and certification


      Cell Type


      AC Charge Input Power

      X-Stream charge (1200W max)

      AC Charge Input Voltage


      Solar Charge Input

      400W 10-65V DC 10A max

      Car Charger

      12V/24V DC 8A max

      AC Output (x4)

      1800W (Surge 3300W) total, 230ac (50Hz)

      USB-A Output (x2)

      5V DC, 2.4A, 12W Max, per port

      USB-A Fast Charge (x2)

      5V/2.4A,9V/2A,12V/1.5A 18W Max, per port

      USB-C Output (x2)

      5V DC, 9V DC, 15V DC, 20V DC, 3A, 60W Max, per port

      Car Power Output (x1)

      108.8W, 13.6V DC, 8A max

      *Please Note: The above weight, size, etc. have certain measurement errors. Please refer to the actual measurement.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 46 reviews

      We loved it! We were boondocking in New Mexico. It ran everything we needed. Charged really fast! Very happy with this product!

      Great Product

      The product is a great product and it is easy to understand and use. It was also easy to set up. I was hoping it could help on our electric bill, which I don't know if that is happening, but that isn't the point of the product. I think I should have purchased more/bigger solar panels but I can't afford to do that. I do like that it makes me feel prepared because I live in Texas and I'm almost positive the grid is going to explode and it is so hot I feel like if that happens we will just have to die. So, this product makes me feel less like I will die. On a less depressing note, the shipping was fast and the packaging the product came in was really well put together. You should get one.

      Love it so far.

      Just got it, very impressed with it and the ease of using it. I believe it will work just fine. But time will tell. It seems very well built.

      Tom Jones
      Great Deal.

      So far so good, I used the 1300 Delta for 3.5 days at Beyond Wonderland for my snomaster 65 dual fridge. A little overcast and one day of sun, I set the solar panels on my truck windshield and it worked ok. The delta went down to 12% before we packed up and left, which I then plugged the fridge back into the truck.

      Thinking about buying the eco~wave next cause I’m not ready for a trailer yet but I sure would love a place to hide and stay cool during the day.

      Ralph Zuranski
      Great quality and pricing for a solar generator.

      This is an amazing deal on a solar generator with panels that will provide electricity when the electric grid crashes due to a man-made or solar EMP that frys the electrical grid.

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